Your face beauty ritual 3 in 1: Breathing, Gesture & Care. 

Pamper yourself! Make your beauty ritual a unique treatment, a moment of relaxation, pleasure and happiness. Taking the time to feel the instant benefits of the sensorial experience of our products, combined with breathing and self-massage exercises has a positive impact on our emotions, allowing us to reconnect with ourselves, to find the inner balance, to live and enjoy the present moment away from everyday concerns. 3 simple steps to be performed in a few minutes are proposed with gestures that act on the skin, circulatory and lymphatic, for a synergistic effect: relaxing, energizing and anti-wrinkle, to boost the benefits of assets and thus improve the product efficacy

1- Relaxation & breathing:

Clean your face with our Jojo-Pur Cleansing Milk. Once the skin is clean and dry apply pressure with your fingers on the targeted areas of the face that are: Between the two eyes where the eyebrows meet, above the brow bone, the temples, the chin and under the nose.

Inhale at the moment of pressure and exhale when releasing.

2- Smoothing massage of the face & neck:

Apply the cream on your face by making circular movements upward from the chin to the forehead without forgetting your neck to counteract the effects of gravity (loosening of tissue) while inhaling and exhaling. Treat your face without neglecting your neck! This massage prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by reducing the contractions of the epidermis and the tension of the muscles, thus creating a lifting effect by smoothing wrinkles, redraw the oval of the face and benefit from absorption activates cream or serum.

3- Pinching and relaxation of the skin: 

The goal is to activate and stimulate the micro-circulation to better oxygenate the cells, restore radiance to the face and activate the lymphatic circulation to better drain toxins. Start with small patches under the eyes, then with slight pinches of the thumb and forefinger, all over the surface of the face and neck, emphasizing hollow wrinkles such as: the Nabolabial Folds, crows feet and the Frown Lines. At the level of the lion’s wrinkle with the index fingers passed and ironed horizontally up to the level of the middle of the eyebrows several times, to relax the muscle and diminish over time the hollow wrinkles. Finally, light pressure with the palms on both cheeks first, then on the forehead and chin simultaneously, relaxes your face.