We guarantee our products are of superior quality made with selected noble ingredients in order to have the highest cosmetic effects.
With respect to the consumer and the environment, we favor the use of natural ingredients that have not undergone any alteration or chemical transformation, and that containing no artificial fragrance. We privilege the processes of green chemistry, allowing our natural cosmetics to be more effective than traditional cosmetics derived from petrochemicals based on mineral oils, silicone and synthetic ingredients. We categorically ban the use of products that are prohibited or harmful to health such as: Propylene Glycol, Sodium Laureth, BHT4-Phthalates, PEG and PPG, Aluminum Salt, Parabens and Formaldehyde.

We provide our research and manufacturing process in Canada, more specifically in Quebec.
Our products are manufactured in small batches to optimize freshness and efficiency, and put in innovative containers with a delivery system and distribution safe from the air and the light. Our products are never tested on animals.
Our emulsions have their natural color, depending on the vegetable oil used.
The all-natural fragrance of our products are obtained from the essential oils used which comforts the soul as much as the skin.